Our foundation could not be the place it is without the stoud support of like-minded woman and man, our companions. We would like to honor them by introducing their missions to you.

Tina & Tieme Mennink

We owe Tina and Tieme from The Netherlands many acts of kindness: They financed the green roofed waiting room in the middle of our clinic yard. Every month, they contribute to the rice money for the Darra. And anytime, they do vacation in The Gambia the allow our girls a wonderful day at the beach which is priceless. Thank you very much indeed, dear friends Tina & Tieme!

** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tina.mennink

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Shine Africa

Logo_Shine Africa

was the first organisation to support our clinic after Fatou Gaye’s idea of a community clinic coupled with a girl’s darra became famous troughout The Gambia. Based in UK, Shine Africa has built four nursery school in The Gambia and fully supports them. They used to support our clinic mostly with medical stuff. THANK YOU!

** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shineafrica.thegambia

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Bennie Helpt Gambia Foundation

Bennie Ahlers became a friend of The Gambia after chatting with a Gambian barber at his favourite barbershop in Netherlands. Bennie started to ship containers to our country and has been supporting schools, nurseries, clinics and ngo’s with their sponsored contents ever since.

Bennie died much too early in 2015. Rest in peace, we will keep you in thankful memory.

** Website: https://benniehelptgambia.org/

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Buetzow for Gambia (Bützower für Gambia)


After Monika Thomsen visited Gambia in 1997, she and her fellow Buetzow people decided to improve Gambia’s future by sponsoring a school in Labakoreh: construction, teachers, equipment and many things more. Ever since, the organisation is supporting Labakoreh’s children to grow up with good education and medical treatment. Moreover, Buetzow for Gambia contributes to the payment of our Darra teacher. THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!

** Website: https://gambiaverein.de/english/

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Health and Education Gambia (Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.)

Education is future – the association fundraises student sponsorships for children, i.e. German parents pay tuition fees for the school attendance of „their child“ in the Gambia.

school feeding Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.

Even the project concentrates on the North Bank – the most in need part of our country – the charity started to support our Foundation as well. In 2019, they donated a laptop to our Accounting and helped to purchase and ship the new bino-microscope.

** Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GesundheitundBildungGambia/

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