Our 50 girls share several dormitories, which has been serving since 2012. There is the big one with more than 30 beds, and some smaller ones. All are equipped with fans to make sleeping easier.



The SARS Cov-2 virus arrived in Gambia causing state of emergency and the shutdown of public life. The Ministry of Health still demands the shelter’s dormitories to be emptied by end of May, and to keep prepared as isolation rooms.

But where can our girls live, then? – Neither answer nor support from authorities, so far. Therefore, from one day to the other, we started the construction of a new house. Thus we brought forward a project planned for autumn. The difference: in autumn, we would have had enough fundings through the clinic’s profits.

But now we depend on your help: Please give whatever you can give. Save the one and only girls’ shelter of The Gambia!


Pictured Updates from Construction Site

the Toilets Are Ready:
the Middle floor at different times:
the same wall at different times:
10.) construction progress as of 16.th may 2020: a big working team was serious about finnishing the tiling, also toilets are finished:
9.) Construction Progress as of 09.th May 2020: Ceiling completed, purchase of sanitary material, beginning of interiour fittings:
8.) Construction Progress as of 3.rd May 2020: more roof sheets in their place, and first ceiling started:
7.) Construction Progress as of 25.th April 2020: Roof sheets in their places:
6.) construction progress as of 17.th April 2020: Windows installed, roof materials delivered:
5.) construction progress as of 14.th April 2020: What we built with the sand purchased last week:
4.) construction progress as of 9.th April 2020:
3.) construction progress as of End of March 2020:
2.) construction progress as of february 2020:
1.) This is how the dormitories look like at the moment: