Every donation means a lot to us because it gives us a strong sense of being recognised with our efforts and committment to the peaceful rising of our Gambia. We want to share some of them with you that marked milestones of our foundation’s developement.


April: Ultrasound device substituted

The arrival of the ultrasound device, donated by a German midwife, ensured that our clinic is able to work on the usual level of quality.
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April: Improvements in delivery room

Two events of 2019 resulted now in improvements of our delivery room’s technical equipment: the prize money of Afrika! community award – sponsored by moneygram and the raised funds of the Christmas Campaign turned into

  • Incubator for sterilization of surgical instruments,
  • an obstetric forcepts,
  • a membrane puncturing forceps,
  • several newborn ventilator-bags,
  • episiotomy scissor,
  • several consumables.

With that improved equipment, our midwives are more than ever able to perfom professional support to birthgiving women, and to fight mortality of pregnant women and newborns.
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October: Laptop for book keeping

A team of German charity Health & Education Gambia (Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.) visited our Clinic and Darra, in October. After they supported the fundraising for a microscope we met face to face and showed our guests round, to the wards, the children’s dormitories, and of cause to the Laboratory. To our surprise, they topped the visit by donating a laptop to our administration!
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July: Binocular microscope added to the laboratory

We are proud to announce that, with the support of Germany’s charity Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia, we could raise 403 € funds for a binocular microscope.
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November: Ambulance car

In memory of late Brian Cox, his family sponsored a fully equipped ambulance car.
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May: Baboucarr Gaye Facility Block

A newly facility block for cashier, administration, laboratory, midwife office, and dressing room built with financial and manpower support of Kathrin W. Davis Foundation and it’s scholar Mason Troupe.
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