Awa M. Secka nurse attendant

Salam aleikum, my name is Awa M. Secka, I have been nurse attendant in this clinic since 2009.

I would like to see the working conditions of my fellow collegues and mine improved by obtaining 10 office chairs.

office chairs

This might sound very simple to achieve but is by far not: purchase costs of an second hand office chair is ca. 50 Euro, or 2.500 Dalasi which almost equals the montly salary of a nurse attendant. In other words, what I want, would cost our clinic almost one annual salary of a staff member.

Therefore, I am reaching out for …

  • companions who together crowdfound 500 Euro so that we could buy office chairs, or
  • a manufacturer or dealer of office chairs who wants to donate chairs, or
  • a sponsor who would donate the amount needed.

What do we offer in return

First of all: Come and visit our Foundation’s compound in Kunkujang Keitaya! Meet me and my fellow staff colleagues using health saving working equipment while serving patients and birthing women.

Next: Any donations will be confirmed and transparently processed by the Foundation’s Board.

Last but not least: We stand with our honored word and with our dignity for the correct use of any donation received.

Want to support me? – Great!
Lets get in touch ** any way you prefer ** We would be delighted to discuss details.

Just in case you already decided to donate: Find here our bank account number and donation rules.

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