Salam aleikum

I’m Fatou Gaye, a nurse and midwife in The Gambia. And I am co-founder of Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation. It operates a community clinic with focus on obstetrics, and a children shelter (Darra). We base our noble course on the values of Holy Q’ran as taught by Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass.

Fatou Gaye

What the Foundation is about

We are situated in Kunkujang Keitaya, The Gambia, West Africa. On our **Transparency Site** we communicate some details you might want to know about us. And here coms, what we are doing:

For the improvement of the nation’s health status


24/7 clinic

In 2009, we built a place for women to deliver safely in a clean, supportive environment, and opened a women-focussed clinic.

Today, the Foundation operates our well-frequented community clinic with delivery room & maternity ward offering all services from antenatal, via delivery to postnatal check up including immunization programs.

Moreover, we serve the community with general medical treatments. Patients with Malaria and Diabetes issues form the larges group in our house.

midwife and newborn

Midwife service

registration for birth – monthly antenatal check-up and consultation – continuously attended childbirth – emergency transport to hospital – postnatal care – vaccination programs – family planning

laboratory assistant

Laboratory – Pharmacy

inhouse laboratory, immunization & scanning programs – inhouse laboratory

Entrance Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic & Darra

community health

free first aid and general treatment for students during school hours – reduced treatment fees for teachers

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For the improvement of our nation’s educational status

further education training for midwives

Training programs & Internships

approved practical trainings for nurses, midwives, and doctors to be – internships – international volunteering

darra children

Darra: Children shelter & Education Center

In 2012, we opened a future-lookingly children shelter (Darra), based on Gambian traditional ideas. For many years, we took in only girls, but since Covid-crisis, we also offer space for boys.

Clinic profits, together with support from both The Gambia and abroad, maintain the shelter as an intermittent and/ or permanent home for appr. 55 girls and appr. 20 boys of all ages as welcomed members of our Sheikh-Tihami-Family. All of them get full support in terms of health, food, housing, school attendance an Q’ran lessons.

Caring home for ca 170 children of all ages – school attendance on all levels – Q’ran lessons – full medical treatment & immunization – nannies, teachers & cooks

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