Salam aleikum, I’m Fatou Gaye, a nurse and midwife in The Gambia.

Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation in Kunkujang Keitaya, The Gambia, operates a community clinic with focus on obstetrics, and a girls’ shelter.

** More about me **

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What we do

In 2009, I decided with my family and friends to start something amazing: Building a place for women to deliver safely in a clean, supportive environment, and opened a women-focussed clinic.

In 2012, we adjusted Gambia’s traditional idea of community financed children shelters future-lookingly and opened a shelter for girls who’s families face poverty, or losses too hard to raise them the way every child deserves.

Our efforts became public until I was honored by news broadcaster What’s on Gambia as Woman of the Year 2014 which ever since has been resulted in growing support of our mission.

delivery room sheikh tihami ibrahim nyass clinic
Delivery Room

Today, the Foundation operates our well-frequented, not-for-profit clinic with delivery room & maternity ward offering all services from antenatal, via delivery to postnatal check up including immunization programs. Moreover, we serve the community with general medical treatments.


Clinic incomes, together with support from The Gambia and from abroad, maintain our girl’s Darra, an intermittent, permant or temporarly home for appr. 50 girls of all ages, who not only live with me as my own children but also all attend schools and grew up with the values of the Holy Q’ran as taught by Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass.

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Short Facts about us


Please refer to **Transparency** page to find an administrative overview of our foundation, our documents, and annual reports.


Opening hours 24 / 7   **   2 doctors, 3 midwives, 3 nurses, 6 nurse attendance & many others   **   Delivery room & Maternity ward ** Pharmacy, Laboratory, Scanning room, Dressing room, ultrasound  **   Fully equipped Ambulance car for safe & attended transports to hospitals   **   Immunization & scanning programs ** approved practical trainings for nurses and midwives to be

More about our clinic: ** Read here **

Midwife service

registration for birth ** monthly antenatal check-up and consultation ** continuously attended childbirth ** emergency transport to hospital ** postnatal care ** vaccination programs ** family planning

More about our midwife service: ** Read here **

Community work

Free first aid and general treatment for students during school hours   **   Reduced treatment fees for teachers   **   Volunteering program for nurses in training

Darra: Girl’s Shelter & Q’ran School

Caring home for ca. 50 girls of all ages ** school attendance on all levels ** Q’ran lessons ** full medical treatment & immunization ** 2 nannies, 3 teachers & 3 cooks

More about our children: ** Read here **

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