nurse attendant

Salam aleikum, my name is Mustapha Mboob, and I am one of those nurse attendants who are into our clinic’s professional wound care team. This service is 24/7 available for both in-patients and out-patients.

present themselves as open wounds, with skin torned, cut, or punctured, or as closed wounds, means contusions due to blunt force trauma.

Professional wound management
supports bodies to undertake own wound healing process. Our work includes

  • diagnosis of origin, extent and severity of a wound,
  • cleaning as an evidently must, and depending on type and depth of a wound, and
  • closure of a wound by using different dressing techniques and additional medication if needed

Furthermore, we value a friendly and relaxed approach to our patients. As it sometimes take long for a wound to heal, we want them to trust us and what we do, even if the treatment hurts. Therefore, in our clinic, wound management is always done with patience and a smile.

As part of the diagnostic process, we identify

  • the effects of a wound on a patient, and
  • the effects of a patient’s lifestyle on the wound

to determine the most appropriate management of the wound.

We strongly recommend professional wound management for patients with

  • chronic, or non-healing wounds of the diabetic foot,
  • severe abcesses,
  • infected wounds of any kind or origine.

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