yassin tambedou nanny

My name is Yassin Tambedou, I am one of the shelter’s nannies, and I have been working with Fatou from the very beginning. Let me explain how our darra works.

Most of the children come to Fatou Gaye after one or both their parents died, or left the household, and the remaining family members don’t have resources to raise all children the way they wish to. We are always happy when they approach us because that means, the family cares for a child’s future.

girl riding bike

Most of the children keep in touch with their families, visit them during the holidays. Some of them luckily leave the shelter after a short time, with an aunty or with their father’s new wife.

Others stay with us out of their own free choice because, otherwise they would not be able to complete education.

I live in the shelter with ca. 65 girls of all ages. All of them have a story to tell. It is my job to give their lifes a solid and loving framework that they can use for their social orientation

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How to support my work & my children

Our shelter is financed by clinic’s profits – and by people like you. Your donations secure our beds and food, our education and our health.

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As clinic’s profits are influenced very strongly by external circumstances, we set up a


to use for all children alike. Pooled donations give them all a common feeling of being all worth the same support.

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Soon our children will be grown up.

girls watching

They will become professionals and have own families – they are our hope for a stable, democratic Gambia that keeps up with the world’s progress.

Those our girls and boys soon will be leaders to companies, authorities and families. They will spread the Foundation’s idea of a culture of respect beyond tribe, religion, and sex; a culture of humanity and tolerance.

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