Project with goals achieved

Highest Priority: Ensuring efficiant Covid-19-response

Fatou Gaye with oxygene bottles

Covid-19-pandemic is real, and it is in our country. Since February, we are seeing an alarming increase in patients with respiratory problems. We responded with revising the hygiene concept (special thanks to our volunteer Anne-Katrin) and with oxygene therapies. The high number of those patients forces us to significantly accelerate the supply of oxygene bottles. 1 bottle lasts for 24 hours, costing 2.100 Dalasi, which equals almost a nurse’s monthly income. Means: non of our patients is able to pay that therapy. Only prompt & steady support from donors can save the lives of those patients.

Additionally, we are challenged in getting hold of disinfection means, medical masks, and gloves. If they are for sale at all, these consumables are extremely expensive, now. Although it contradicts every ecological considerations, it is cheaper and more promising for us to buy them in Europe and have them shipped via our partner organisation Health and Education Gambia Charity (Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.) than to by them here locally at horrendous prices.

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New Ambulance Car

Since 2018, when we were honored with the donation of an elderly but reliable ambulance car, that car has been a great blessing for our patients. Only with that ambulance car, we are able to transport severe cases for admittance in a hospital.
Unfortunately, the engine of that car will not last much longer.

In March, we were honored with a kind donation, again: our volunteering midwife Anne-Katrin and her family, friends and neighbours raised money in an incredible short time to buy an ambulance from EEA International in Gambia. Expecially in the current situation, with the covid-19-pandemic still not over, we are now well positioned again to transport our patients quickly and professionally to a larger hospital.

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Septic Tank

septic tank
septic tank

Since we started in 2009, the numbers of person using the sanitary block has been increasing enormously. During the rain season 2020, we had to deal with several overflowdings because the tank was too small now. To expand the septic tank, was one of our main goals in 2021 and for the whole premises. Thanks to many donations, to skillfull workmen and to well thought-out construction plan, we not only reached that goal, but also created another shadowed place for several uses.

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Expansion of the clinic

Fatou Gaye with dentist chair kind donation

The construction of a new house for our Darra girls gave us the chance to reuse their former dormitories as additional clinic rooms. We received the kind donation of a dentist chair and of a standing frame for paraplegic persons. We want to use that devices as foundations for new services. On the long run, we also want to establish an own theatre.

Done in 2021: All rooms are prepared to be furnished with theater devices.

To be done in 2022: Furnishing and opening theatre

**Click here for video tour through the clinic construction site

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Further extension of laboratory


We want to add more of the necessary technical devices to operate a professionell laboratory. Therefore, we are still on the search for automated testing machines.

Done in 2021: Due to major donation we could extend our laboratory capacities and services.

To be done in 2022: More lab tech

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Furnishing the children’s houses

We want to fully furnish both houses, for the girls and for the boys. This project is on a good way, as we constantly add useful stuff, starting with wardrobes for the girls and beds for the new boys’ house.

Done in 2021: All rooms are furnished with wardrobes, beds, proper mattresses and mosquito nets.

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Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous mobility will help our children to master many ways much better, e.g. school ways which are too long for a walk and therefore, are to be done by public transport. As soon as the children have bikes, we would spare a lot of transport fees. Moreover, biking gives them joy and strengthens their physical strengh. Since last year, we extend our bycicle fleet step by step.

Done in 2021: more bikes received.

**Watch here our girls learning to master bikes

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Projects on the way

Darra Donation Pool

This year, 13 of our girls attend secondary schools. Additionally, we send now also boys to school. Each year, fees increase. Therefore, fundraising for schoolfees is one of our general tasks. We strongly believe that pooled financial and material donations give all girls an equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support – our DARRA DONATION POOL responds to this challenge, and to many more. ** Please donate now to the pool

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Establishment of a sewing class

Sewing class is meant to give our children additional skills that would prove useful in their future. Therefore, we hold some sewing machines on hold, even contacted a mistress and looked for a classroom. But amidst pandemic and heavily increasing economical challenges, we could not start.

To be done in 2022: Start sewing class

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Establishment of a X-ray-room


Consulting x-rays leads to better diagnosis and thus, can prevent serious calamities, and improves healing processes. But still, they are much too less to find in The Gambia. Each day, it becomes more senseful to campain for installing another one here in our community clinic. The commissioning would include both the installing of an X-ray device and the construction of a radiatic room.

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