Since Aunty Fatou Gaye was elected Gambian Woman of the Year 2014 on What’s on Gambia, our mission, our clinic and our Darra has developed rapidly. Sometimes, we are broadcasted; sometimes we want to share good news – this side keeps you updated.



Making the boys’ rooms a dream to live in

Yes, we did it! With the help of our partnering ngo Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia charity, we were able to commission a welder to make 10 double bunk beds for our boys. We painted them white to keep moscitos away. Now, completed with moscito nets, the boys immediately settled themselves in their first own beds ever.

beds for the boys, with moscito nets

We have achieved an important project goal that we have set for this year: a new ambulance car.

Since 2018, when we were honored with the donation of an elderly but reliable ambulance car, that car had been a great blessing for our patients. Only with that ambulance car, we were able to transport severe cases for admittance in a hospital. Unfortunately, it’s engine broke, in January.

Now in March, we were honored with a kind donation, again: our volunteering midwife Anne-Katrin and her family, friends and neighbours raised money in an incredible short time to buy an ambulance from EEA International in Gambia. Expecially in the current situation, with the covid-19-pandemic still not over, we are now well positioned again to transport our patients quickly and professionally to a larger hospital.

ambulance car of Sheikh Tihami Clinic Gambia


Wardrobes for our children

We are going on furnishing our still new girls’ house. With support from our partnering ngo Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia charity, we were able to commission a carpenter to make 7 wardrobes: four for the middle age girls in the girls’ house, one for elder girls in the big house, one in the room of the girls’ nanny, and one in the room for the boys’ nanny. Because, the nannies take care of the clothes for the younger children whilst the elder children have some clothes to take care for on their own.

wardrobes for children shelter


For a month now, midwife Anne-Katrin is volunteering in our clinic, representing Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. charity. She primarly supports our midwife team, collecting professional, organisational, economic and cultural experiences. In return, Anne-Katrin shares updating knowledge in midwifery with us, as she is also a teacher in that subject: after giving a lesson by laptop presentation, she forwards the summery on their colleagues’ mobile phones. Very educative and entertaining, keep it up!

midwife Anne-Katrin Klotzsch teaching January

Guess what! – On this New Year’s Day, after a safe delivery, we welcomed a baby girl in our new labour ward. We wish you a very happy, succesful and healthy long life, little girl!

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