A reliable, professional and compassionate midwife service

to pregnant women, during childbirth and postnatal is the center of our clinic’s doing.

Fatou Gaye
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Our team is always trying its best to promote women’s health, hygienic and well attended childbirth, and the best possible start into a newborn’s life.

In 2020, we accompanied almost 250 deliveries, and welcomed a healthy baby girl on 2021 New Year’s Day.

Our delivery room:

Our post-natal ward:

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Feel always welcome to use our services as follows:

pregnant woman waiting for midwife service

Antenatal Care for pregnant women

  • Registration for birth at the clinic
  • personal consultation with one of the midwives
  • monthly check-ups including regular blood work, urine analysis, health check-ups and observation of the baby‘s health, heartbeat and growth
  • consultation with the doctors in case of irregularities
  • accommodation in our maternity ward in cases of sickness
  • emergency transport to the nearest hospital
midwife at work new year baby born

During Childbirth

  • You will always be attended by a trained midwife and/ or nurse who will give you professional support continuously
  • monitoring of the child’s well-being
  • pain relief within our means
  • always the possibility to bring along a companion person
  • doctor on call
  • emergency transport to the nearest hospital

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Postnatal Care

  • at least 4 hours observation at the maternity ward of both mother and child
  • postnatal checkup
  • immunisation programme for the newborns every Sunday
Family planning

Family Planning

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