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Persons in Charge

  • Foundation: Sheikh Tijan Njang Senior, Foundation President
  • Clinic: Dr. Kalilu Jagne, Medical Director
  • Labor Ward: Fatou Gaye, Head of Midwifery
  • Darra (Children Shelter): Fatou Gaye, Mother of Darra
  • Interational Volunteers: Daniela Saratah Hausdorf Keita, Honorary Ambassador


  • Kunkujang Keitaya, West Coast Region, The Gambia
  • near Freetown Junction of Coastal Road
  • GPS: 13°22’52.1″N 16°40’26.5″W

How to find us

At Coastal Road (Old Yundum), drop off at Freetown Junction, watch out for the information sign “Sheikh Tihami Nyass Clinic” (or, just ask the shop owners at the junction), follow the adjanced sand road up to power pole no. 46, turn to the left, walk up to power pole no. 43, turn to the right -> Welcome! (apprx. 10 minutes walk)

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