Nobody can run a clinic on techniqual eqipment and drugs alone. It is the staff, which makes it a success with the patients. Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic is working with 2 doctors, 3 midwives, 3 nurses, 6 nurse attendants, 1 laboratory technician, 6 ordlies and with many more in 24/7 shifts. Additionally, we offer internships for nurses in training.

Why our clinic is a good place to work at? Here are some answers

Fatou Gaye, CEO & midwife

CEO Fatou Gaye midwife nurse

I like to work with Dr. Jagne, and Dr. Jobarteh because they are so kind, intelligent and humble. As all my staff is – they all are what I want for the community and the children.

Awa M. Secka, nurse attendant from the very start

Awa M. Secka, nurse attendant

I really appreciate Fatou Gaye, and the way she works with the sick and the vulnerable ones. Ever since I knew her she always sacrifices her life for all humans, especially women and children. She works both day and night since l knew her. She is humble, lenience, and willing to help every human being. She is really a great woman with good aims for her life and others, especially women and children. She is my role model.

Momodou Jallow, State Enrolled Nurse

Momodou Jallow

Ever since I started working in the clinic, there is nothing but the best I could have ever asked for in clinical settings at the level of my Country. Aunty Fatou is one of those few bosses that comes around just once in life time. She has great leadership skills and an over whelming support for all staffs. With a relentless work ethic she always strives to see a smooth flow of work in the clinic. She ensures that all patients, clients, and visitors leave the clinic with a hugh smile on their faces.

Landing Sanyang, Registered Nurse

RN Landing Sanyang, Registered Nurse

I like working at the clinic because everyone here works as a team and is always ready to help patients. Working with our doctors is very nice because they involve all in the care of patients. Working with Fatou Gaye is excellent as she opens all her arms and her heart for the welfare of patients; even in odd hours, she also does not compromise the wellbeing of all her patients.

Awa Manneh, nurse attendant

Awa Manneh nurse attendant

Fatou Gaye is a hard working lady, honest and  open to everyone. She’s my mentor. I like to work in her clinic because of the conductive working environment.

Mustapha Mboob, nurse attendant

Mustapha Mboob nurse assistant

I like working with Fatou Gaye simply because, she is a kind lady who loves humanity, respects human rights and is dedicated to improving her community’s health standards.

Haddy Tambedou, nurse attendant

Haddy Tambedou nurse attendant

I like working in Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic because of the excellent reputation for emergency medicine, and the conductive working environment. Fatou Gaye is a hard working woman and a role model. Her dignity, and respect for people make me like working with her.