Our Goals in 2022

The compound of the Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation is always a place of change, growth, and improvement. Since we established clinic in 2009, and the children shelter in 2012, our work has become more and more professionell. With the help of many projects we have improved our standards step by step ever since.
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Clinic Projects

Expansion of the clinic

The construction of a new house for our Darra girls gave us the chance to reuse their former dormitories as additional clinic rooms. We received the kind donation of a dentist chair and of a standing frame for paraplegic persons. We want to use that devices as foundations for new services. On the long run, we also want to establish an own theatre.
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Further extension of laboratory

Update (2022, April): Significant extension of laboratory capacities
Since we were able to acquire an automated blood analyser, we can now offer an even wider range of laboratory testing. Our service now includes blood grouping, malaria tests, urine and liver tests, pregnancy tests, HIV tests, any many more.
For the purchase of that analyser, we got support from a major German publisher and German based charity “Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.” – thank you very much indeed for standing with us in making the health service of our country a bit stronger every day.

We want to add more of the necessary technical devices to operate a professionell laboratory. Therefore, we are still on the search for automated testing machines.
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Establishment of a X-ray-room


Consulting x-rays leads to better diagnosis and thus, can prevent serious calamities, and improves healing processes. But still, they are much too less to find in The Gambia. Each day, it becomes more senseful to campain for installing another one here in our community clinic. The commissioning would include both the installing of an X-ray device and the construction of a radiatic room.
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Compound Projects


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Children Projects

Darra Donation Pool

This year, 13 of our girls attend secondary schools. Additionally, we send now also boys to school. Each year, fees increase. Therefore, fundraising for schoolfees is one of our general tasks. We strongly believe that pooled financial and material donations give all girls an equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support – our DARRA DONATION POOL responds to this challenge, and to many more.
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Establishment of a sewing class

If everything goes the right way, and the pandemic doesn’t disturb further, we will try and open a sewing classroom. For that goal, we keep some sewing machines on hold. Sewing class is meant to give our children additional skills that would prove useful in their future. We are looking for the best solution.

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