The compound of the Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation is always a place of change, growth, and improvement.

Since we established clinic and girls’ shelter in 2012, our work has become more and more professionell. With the help of many projects we have improved our standards step by step ever since.

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In 2020, due to corona-crisis we are now unable zu follow our projects as intended

Anyway, we won’t give up. As soon as our country and our clinic returns to life, we will focus on the following projects.

Clinic Projects

  • Upgrading the Laboratory: estimated costs $ 6.000
    Although we could establish more own service in our clinic laboratory, still too many blood test cannot be done with us due to the lack of an Haematology analyzer. This device would really put us an the next level. Therefore, it’s among our most important goals in 2020.
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  • Radiatic Room: estimated costs $ 12.000
    Consulting x-rays leads to better diagnosis and thus, can prevent serious calamities, and improves healing processes. But still, they are much too less to find in The Gambia. Each day, it becomes more senseful to campain for installing another one here in our community clinic. The commissioning would include both the installing of an X-ray device and the construction of a radiatic room.
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Children Projects

  • Fundraising campaign in favour of heart-sick Isatou:
    7.500 € needed for live saving operation

    Isatou came to us in 2016, after her father died. She has always been wick, and in January 2019 she just collapsed. After diagnosis we learned that she is having serious heart conditions and is in urgent need of an operation otherwise she will not live much longer.
    After a former fundraising campaign failed, German & Gambia based NGO Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. took over and, with the support of eeai Gambia and Afrimed Clinic saved Isatou the urgendly needed appointment with a pediatric cardiologist.

April 2020, update: With the support of many many donors, we raised enough funds for Isatou. But before she could make an appointment at Dakar university clinic, corona-crisis shut down borders. We have to wait patiently until the way to Dakar is open again. Meanwhile we wish the best to the girl.

  • From dormitories to houses:
    estimated costs $ 15.000
    On opening of the Darra in 2012, most of our girls were younger than 12 years old. Dormitories provided the quick, inexpensive solution we needed and could afford in that moment. But now, the dormitories are too stuffed. That’s simply not a condition we want forever. Beside, half of the girls are teenager now. Among them are two ill girls. They all should have a chance to live with more privacy and more comfort.

April 2020, update: Due to corona-crisis, the Ministry of Health urged us in mid March to empty all dormitories, claiming the dormitories to get prepared as isolation rooms. Where to house the girls instead?! – Together with our partnering society Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. we launched another fundraising campaign to get the construction of the new building done as soon as possible.
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  • Darra Donation Pool
    This year, 13 of our girls attend secondary schools. Each year, fees increase. Therefore, fundraising for schoolfees is one of our general tasks. We strongly believe that pooled financial and material donations give all girls an equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support – our DARRA DONATION POOL responds to this challenge, and to many more.
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Find out on our ** Donations ** page, why we need your support.

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