For Gambians


Staff members Sheikh Tihami Clinic Kunkujang Keitaya

Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Foundation is a solid partner
to work with. Our team consists of more than 40 professionals: doctors, nurses and nurse attendants, midwives, teachers, cooks, orldies, watchmen, drivers…

We offer a broad field of responsible work
in a very friendly environment, with flat hierachies, with plenty of learning opportunities as well as chances to contribute to such a high value as improving a nation’s health status and wellbeing.

At the moment, we currently don’t have any job opportunities to offer.

Interships for Gambian students

We offer internships for medical, nursing and midwifery students.

Please call for more information.
Be prepared with a complete CV, certificates, recommendations, and a letter of motivation. As we are a community driven, women-focussed, non-for-profit clinic we expect any applicant to commit entirly to the working ethos of our foundation.

For Non-Africans

In our clinic, we offer limited volunteer working opportunities to doctors, nurses and midwives from outside Africa. We also welcome applications for volunteer work in our children’s shelter.

As we are a community driven, women-focussed, non-for-profit-clinic, we expect any applicant to commit entirly to the working ethos of our foundation.

**Read stories of former volunteers

We offer a responsible field of work that will pay with lots of experience and a strong sense of usefulness. Food & rooming will be organised for you, and a letter of appreciation can be granted upon request. We don’t offer cash payment.

This is our application process

  • Fill in the form “Checklist: Am I ready for The Gambia?”, and submit to the e-mail stated in the form.
  • Our Foundation’s ambassador in Germany will receive the checklist, and get back to you as soon as possible. Next, she will ask for your CV, your approbation, and a letter of motivation.
  • Next, the ambassador will set an interview appointment to get known to each other.
  • If you and the ambassador agree, that a volunteering journey to The Gambia would be worthwhile, the ambassador would submit your application to our Foundations Executive Committee, which will finally decide.
  • If the Committee gives green light, we will start your journey preparations, including coaching, acommodation, visa and other issues.

Please note

  • We only accept volunteering applications of professionals (no students, sorry).
  • We would prefer your time with us to last at least 2 months to be comfortable for either side.
  • We recommend the dry season (ca. November – April) to avoid medical issues.
  • To work with us, we expect you to sign our Ethic Rules, beforehand.
  • Our partnering Gambian-German based “Health and Education Gambia Charity” will coach you before travelling, and to help you with any inconveniences which might occur.