Our foundation connects very different persons sharing 3 big aims:

  • operating a women focussed community clinic,
  • enabling girls with skills to build a worthy future,
  • improve the overall living conditions of our homeland Gambia.

Here, we introduce to you our staff, volunteers, companions, and soulmates, who’s committed interaction makes our place unique.


Nobody can run a clinic on techniqual eqipment and drugs alone. It is the staff, which makes it a success with the patients. Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic is working with 2 doctors, 3 midwives, 3 nurses, 6 nurse attendants, 1 laboratory technician, 6 ordlies and with many more in 24/7 shifts. Additionally, we offer internships for nurses in training.

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Your qualification fits to volunteer in our clinic and/ or darra? You are warmly welcome! Just apply via contact form & let us know more about you & the special input you are aiming for.
We offer you a responsible field of work that will pay with lots of experience and a strong sense of usefulness. Moreover, free food & rooming as well as a letter of appreciation can be granted upon request.

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Companions & supportive organisations


Our foundation could not be the place it is without the stoud support of like-minded women and men, our companions. Some of them even founded ngo’s in favour of Gambia.

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Soulmates, as we understand them, are engaged with projects that share our vision of a peaceful Gambia. We used to support each other by sharing information, expertise, and promoting political issues together.

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