Our foundation connects very different persons sharing big aims.

Here, we introduce our staff, volunteers, partners, and soulmates, who’s committed interaction makes our place unique.

All of us are working for theese big objectives:

  • operating a women focussed community clinic,
  • to amend the nation’s maternal health status,
  • enabling children with skills to build a worthy future,improve the overall living conditions of our homeland Gambia.

Staff & Trainees

Momodou Jallow staff member

Nobody can run a clinic on techniqual eqipment and drugs alone. It is the staff, which makes it a success with the patients. Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic is working with doctors, midwives, nurses, nurse attendants, laboratory technician, ordlies and with many more in 24/7 shifts. Additionally, we offer internships for nurses in training.

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International Volunteers

volunteering midwife and newborn

You are from abroad and your qualification fits to volunteer in our clinic and/ or darra? You are warmly welcome!

We offer you a responsible field of work that will pay with lots of experience and a strong sense of usefulness.

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Partnering organisations

Flaggen Deutschland Gambia

Together with like-minded women and men and their organisations, our Foundation is developing it’s common-good oriented objectives. Trusting partnerships on eye level and joined project management has been creating great progress since our Foundation was founded.

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