Salam aleikum, my name is Sheikh Baye Nyang.

I’m a medical student at the American International University of The Gambia.

A X-Ray-Device would beam our clinic to an unknown level.

Consulting x-rays leads to better diagnosis and thus, can prevent serious calamities, and improves healing processes. But still, they are much too less to find in The Gambia. Each day, it becomes more senseful to campain for installing another one here in our community clinic. The commissioning would include both the installing of an X-ray device and the construction of a radiatic room.

Therefore, we are reaching out for …

  • brave companions who crowdfund $ 12,000.00, so that we can buy a device at once, or
  • a bank that proposes a good deal to finance our X-Ray-dream, or
  • a manufacturer or dealer who would donate a first or second hand device, or
  • a sponsor who would finance the purchase of a X-ray device and the set up of a standard radiatic room.

What do we offer in return?

First of all: Come and visit our Foundation’s compound in Kunkujang Keitaya! Meet those doctors and nurses who are dreaming of saying “Please proceed to the Radiatic room”, knowing how good that would serve the patients.

Next: Any donations will be confirmed and transparently processed by the Foundation’s Board. Any bank proposal will be subject to transparent controlling during the project period.

Last but not least: We stand with our honored word and with our dignity for the correct use of any donation received.

Do you share our X-Ray dream? – Great! Lets get in touch ** any way you prefer ** We would be delighted to discuss details.

** Just in case you already decided to donate: