Dr. Kalilu Jagne, Medical Director Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic
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Salam aleikum, my name is Dr. Kalilu Jagne,
I am Medical Director of Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic.

Together with radiologist Dr. Fatoumatta Jobarteh, I head the clinic’s medical team, consisting of midwives, nurses, nurse attendants, pharmacy and laboratory staff.

The clinic shares the Foundation’s compound with a girls’ shelter.

Small but still making a difference in the Kunkujang Keitaya area, our non-profit community clinic is mostly known for its delivery rooms, maternity wards, and services attached to pregnancy, e.g. antenatal and postnatal checkup, and immunization programs.

With 3 delivery beds and experienced midwives

we are prepared to carry out safe deliveries in a clean and welcoming atmosphere. The adjacent maternity wards offers rest and medical treatments to mothers and newborns under the eyes of well trained nurses and nurse attendants.

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General treatments …

in case of injuries, and non-communicable deseases, wound dressings and immunisation programmes round up our clinic profile.  

Ultrasound, Pharmacy and Laboratory …

together in one place, enable our doctors to diagnose reasonably and to suggest sucessful medication courses.

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In case of emergency …

we are always well prepared to admit our mothers to be and any other patient safely on our Ambulance car to the hospitals in Serekunda, or Banjul.

All our services are offered on affordable fees …

or even free of charge – e.g. for children with injuries or upcoming sickness during school hours – as we are working on a non-for-profit philosophy to serve our community and our country best, by raising the health status of everyone and improving the overall living and learning standard of those children who we are proud to live with on this shared compound.

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