Hello, my name is Amie Saho,
I am Head of Laboratory of
Sheikh Tihami Ibrahim Nyass Clinic.

Our lab is situated directly at the consultation rooms, the delivery rooms and the wards.

In this short video, I explain our lab: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1504106023106551

Our laboratory opens 24/7 to both, in-patients and outside customers.
We provide you with

  • blood grouping
  • blood sugar tests
  • full blood count
  • liver function tests
  • malaria tests
  • pregnancy tests
  • urine analysis
  • white blood cell count

To meet our patients’ and customers’ request even better, we are working hard to enlarge the laborarory’s test range by acquiring more equipment.

** Read more about our project “From manual to automated lab analytics**

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