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Since Fatou Gaye was elected Gambian Woman of the Year 2014 on What’s on Gambia, our mission, our clinic and our Darra has developed rapidly. Sometimes, we are broadcasted; sometimes we want to share good news – this side keeps you updated.



More moscito nets for our darra

We purchased plenty of new moscitonets for the beds in the Darra. Because, moscitonets ares saving lives. Have a look at our Advices for Everyone/Malaria to see what you can to avoid Malaria.

We owe the new nets our partnering charity Health and Education Gambia. If you want to support their anti-malaria-efforts, please donate HERE.

Fundraising-Campagne for more toilets for the boys’ house of the darra

Assalam aleikum, dear sisters and brothers in Allah. I plead for your support: My sanitary infrastructure is over the limit: Our toilets at the Darra were once designed for 80 children. But currently, about 170 live with me, because now, we are known throughout The Gambia. Every day I get calls from parents or relatives who want to put a child in care. That’s why we are building 6 toilets and 2 shower rooms. Thus, we maintain our standard of hygiene despite the cramped living conditions. Please, help me to protect our children from preventable diseases. If you want to be part of it: no amount is too small. I am grateful for anything you donate for our noble course. May Allah reward you richly and be pleased with you.

grateful patient sponsors repainting of our new ambulances

ambulances with STINF colors

Our newly donated ambulances are now repainted showing proudly the name of our Foundation. Ready to go and save more patients!


kind donations of two ambulances

We happily announce our the kind donation of two ambulances for our clinic! One of the “Rainbow Run” teams went from the UK down to The Gambia, and brought these cars to donate them to us. Because, the father of one of the drivers was treated at our hospital during the Covid pandemic; the donation is a gesture of generous gratitude for what the hospital did for him. These ambulances are an huge improvement for our clinic. Thank you so much!

The event was broadcasted, and you can have your share by watching the youtube video HERE


Our kitchen is working again

renoveted kitchen

We owe a sincere thank-you to our Belgian supporters of NEMA Foundation for donations to repair and rebuilt our big kitchen. The kitchen was damaged by an accident last year. Now is not only repaired but also works with gas instead of wood.


Former volunteering midwive gives lessons to our nurses and midwives

Anne teaching feb 2023

Anne-Katrin, who volonteered as a midwife in our clinic last year, came from Germany back to Gambia – not only for holiday, but also to give a 2-days-training to our midwives and nurses. As Anne is a teacher in Midwivery, we could not wish for better. Anne tought on the WHO partograph which is an tool to supervise the birthgiving procedure. Together, teacher and students developed a parthograph for the clinic. Anne gave out certificates for all the succesfull participants of that training session. Finally, they set up a WhatsApp-group to stay in contact and even to start online courses. Thank you so much, Anne!

donation received for 100 Holy Qu’ran copies

German based Medical and Humanitarian Support Charity sponsered 100 copies of the Holy Qu’ran for our darra children to motivate them attending memorizing classes. May Allah reward the sponsors and be please with their nobel gesture.

Kind donations of deep freezer helps to food security

deep freezer with fish

This timely kind donation helps us because now, we are able to purchase bigger amounts of fish and vegetables so that we can have better prices on the market. Thats a great achievement for our clinic and shelter, and a big step forward to food security for the children under our care.


Kind donation of our partnering Charity help the poor and needy

kind donations from Help the Poor and Needy

Is always a pleasure to meet the members of Help the Poor and Needy. This time, they gave us kind donations for our clinic, for which we are really grateful.

partnering Charity Health and Education Gambia secures Salaries for Nannies

Thanks to the donation of our German partners of Health and Education Gambia, we are able to hold on to our nannies in the shelter, who are really needed and doing a great job.

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