December: Substitution of deep-well-pump

As if the year 2020 has not been hard enough so far, we had to face a sudden cut in water supply, as the pump broke and could not be repaired. For 3 days, the whole premises has to survive without water, as we are not connected to a general supplying infrastructure but depend on our own well, only. With the immediate support from our partner Health and Education Gambia, we substituted the pump very quickly.

December: More masks against Covid-19

This year, we started a cooperation with the “help the poor and needy” charity which is based in Germany and Gambia.

One of the results was the handover of a big box of masks. We are very much confident to continue our cooperation next year with some very useful projects. We will update you.

December: Sterilisator and X-ray displayer arrived

We happily announce the arrival of a sterilisator and a x-ray-displayer. Both expand our clinic’s ability to work safely with clean instruments, and to deliver diagnosis based on x-ray images.

November: heartsick Isatou Tambedou in Dakar University Hospital

Isatou has finally traveled to Dakar’s University Hospital in mid-November to prepare for her heart surgery. Our brave little girl had to wait this long, because the pandemic and the rainy season were always causing delays. In Dakar, Isatou was once again presented to the doctors planning her heart operation, as the last preliminary examination was too far in the past. Everything went well. Isatou now has a date for her surgery: January 10, 2021. It will be almost a year since our dedicated community of donors and sponsors was able to give Isatou hope for a healthier life.

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October: General Hygiene Improvements

Covid-19-pandemic forced us to rethink our general hygiene management, and to put even more emphasis on some measurements, among them:

  • closure of outdoor resting zone,
  • instalment of 10 mobile handwashing bassins,
  • purchase of 6 additional waste bins,
  • contracting a dumping service for once-per-week service.

July: Further Extension of Laboratory Services

Thanks to a major donation we are able to extend our laboratory services, as we were able to purchase a considerable number of several test kits, namely for several blood and urin testings.

**Read more about our project “From manual to automated lab service”

Mai: Protection from Covid-19

As no regular medical protectiv mask are available for us, we decided for self-help and engaged a tailor. Within 2 days, he sewed enough masks for all our staff, for patients and for our girls.
As our Foundation serves the community, we now give out masks to the neighbours.

We want to assure you that our staff and patients obey to the rules of social distancing, and only stood close together for that fotoshooting for less than a minute.

As for the girls, social distancing is simply an illusion. Still we are confident to save them from Covid-19 as good as possible: They are isolated from outside world since March, they follow eagerly all hygienic rules, as we are lucky to have enough soap on stock and a reliable water supply.

April: Kind donations received

Our German & Gambian based partnering society Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. – Health and Education Gambia shipped in it’s first of two annual containers some very nice kind donations for our girls and for the clinic:

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2019 / 2020

Christmas Campaign for delivery room equipment successfully closed

With the collective effort of many people, we were able to collect 688 euros, in November/ December 2019. The money partly came from donations, partly from sales in favor of the campaign.
We used 219 € to buy a drying oven/ incubator (for sterilization), and 323,76 € for delivery room consumables incl. e.g. episiotomy scissor, ventilation-bags for newborns, and a membrane puncturing forceps. Another 100 €, we received for use of our own decision. Even if all purchases between us and the donors are agreed upon in advance, there is always material that would be better to buy locally. Rest of money contributes to shipment costs.
All stuff was shipped in February 2020, and finally arrived our clinic in April 2020.

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Fundraising campaign in favour of heart-sick Isatou Tambedou successfully closed

Isatou came to us in 2016, after her father died. She has always been wick, and in January 2019 she just collapsed. After diagnosis we learned that she is having serious heart conditions and is in urgent need of an operation otherwise she will not live much longer.
After a further fundraising campaign failed, German & Gambia based NGO Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. took over and, with the support of eeai Gambia and Afrimed Clinic saved Isatou the urgendly needed appointment with a pediatric cardiologist.
In parallel, the NGO launched a donation campaign for Isatou’s operation which has raised the complete amount in need, 7.500 €. Isatou was ready to set off to Dakar, when all borders were closed and state of emergency announced, due to Corona crisis. Lets hope for the girl, that she would have her operation in time.