First of all

we extend a big THANK YOU to everybody supporting our foundation!
We couldn’t go so far without you.

Why do we need donations?

Drugs, medical equipment, etc. must be bought with valuta which our Dalasi is not.
Second, price level differences between our country and supplying countries is too enormous to overcome through own efforts. For example: with a complete monthly salary of a nurse we couldn’t buy more than 10 litre disinfection liquids. Therefore, we really appreciate the support of our companions.

**Donate now:

These 4 main fields need support:

1.) The Darra (Children Shelter) – project of children and youth welfare

We set up a DARRA DONATION POOL because we strongly believe that pooled financial and material donations give all childrenvan equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support.
Also, a pool enables us to respond quickly to changing needs.

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2.) Medical supplies for the clinic – project of medical & women focussed welfare

As our community clinic is non-profit and offers free medical treatment for school and all children from Gambian Q’ran schools, we highly appreciate donations of pharmaceutical and clinical goods.

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3.) Clinical Equipment & Maintainance – project of medical & women focussed welfare

We focus on several projects to expand our laboratory service in order to create more renevues that would support the girls shelter. And more technical equipment in the delivery room allows our midwives to deal with difficult challenges.

$ 100 (5,000 Dalasi) cover monthly expenses for cleaning means.
$ 150 (7,500 Dalasi) cover monthly expenses on fuel for the Ambulance car
$ 3,000 (150,000 Dalasi) are our monthly expenses on drugs and dressing materials.

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4.) Community Work – project of community welfare

Free-of-charge medication and immunization programs, programs for nurses in training … they all could always deal well with some monetary support.

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Our donation’s policy: Preventing abuse – being transparent

We make clear and transparent agreements, either with the donors themselves or with the mediating organizations. The latter are only involved by us if they, in turn, demonstrate transparent communication with their donors.

In 2019, we started cooperating with German & Gambian registered charity Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. (Health and Education Gambia). The charity displays all actions and donations on their website, transparently. And they guarantee 100% donations transfer to our Foundation, as they cover administration expenses through membership fees.

We publish annual reports stating projects, organisational structures, finances and projects. You may find and download them **HERE

Donations that marked milestones:

** 2020 Project Archive
** 2018 – 2019 Project Archive

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