Salam aleikum,

My name is Fatou Gaye, I am the mother of the girls’ shelter, and Head of Midwivery. I would like to introduce to you our DARRA DONATION POOL

The DARRA DONATION POOL pools all finances in favour of the STIN Foundation girls’ shelter. It secures that all girls profit equally, and that all girls feel worth the same support.
Also, it is our way to cooperate with donors as transparent and efficient as possible.

What is a Darra all about?

Traditionally, a Darra is a commonly financed save house of a mosque community in Gambia providing boys with food and basic (religious) education.
We modernized the idea to the advantage of vulnerable girls: Our Darra is more than a basic shelter; we also give them love and care, medical and social support, general and religious education on equal terms.

Our Darra understands itself as a family with ca. 55 girls of all ages. The youngest girl is just a baby, the eldest are attending higher education schools, dreaming of vocational training or university studies to come.

With us, they are safe from all kinds of exploitations, abuse, forced and/ or child marriage and FGM.

Why we pool donations

Because we strongly believe that pooled donations give all girls an equal and common sense of being welcome and worth the support.

As we usually don’t know for how long a given girl lives with us, pooled donation doesn’t favor longterm girls on expenses of shortterm girls.

A donation pool enables quick responds to changing needs. It reduces adminstrative work, and still provides as much transparency as every donor earns.

How does the Darra Donation Pool work

The Darra is maintained by
1.) profits of the Foundation’s clinic, and
2.) by donations.

Clinic’s revenues depend on external circumstances and are always threatened by unexpected collaps of incoming patients, as we currently experience due to corona crises. Therefore, committed longterm donors save a substantial part of the girls’ shelter montly expenditures.

The girls’ shelter most important monthly expenses

What you can expect as a longterm donor

  • You choose your own donation amount.
  • You can stop donating at any time without explanation.
  • Coordination by German cooperation partner GBG e.V. – Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. (Health and Education Gambia), because our own bank does not belong to the EURO zone, thus cannot have IBAN.
  • 100% of all donations are transferred to the Darra.
  • Administrative costs are completely covered by GBG e.V..

Need more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

We will be honored to receive your message.

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