In summer of 2020, our Foundation expanded it’s shelter and started to intake boys, also.


The reason is the pandemic, again:
During the lockdown, a group of boys came to our Darra, every day. The were hungry and had no proper places to slep.

We decided to take over humanitarian responsibility, built a little house with 2 dormitories and integrated them in our education program. As to January 2021, we care for ca. 25 boys. We are happy to have capacities to give them food, clothes, education, medical treatment and most of all loving affection.

On the other hand, we feel sad for all Gambian families who struggling so hard and still, often are unable to raise their boys the way they definately pray for.

How does the boys’ house look like

At the very beginning, the rooms looked like this: ** Watch the facebook video

Since March 2021, it looks like this:

  • boys house from the side
  • inside the boys house
  • boys toilets