Hallo, my Name is Nene Keita, and I am a midwife.

As we all know, deliveries sometimes develop in rather tricky ways,
and prolonged second stage of labor occures which may result in maternal exhaustion, or foetal distress. It needs more than an experienced midwife, but hopefully less than a caesarian section to bring such a birthgiving to it’s good end.

For such cases, we seeked to add assisting delivery systems to our delivery-room, and were successful during the year 2020.


There are some simple assisting delivery systems available, namely obstetric forceps and ventous cups. Still, they are quite costy for such a small and non-profit clinic like our’s, expecially since transport costs must also to be taken into account.

Read what we have done to get hold of them:

In June 2019, we launched a fundraising campaign on What’s on Gambia. Very soon, a willing donator contacted Fatou Gaye. He offered to purchase an assisting delivery system. Happily we stopped the campaign. But the donor wasn*t succesful in completing the process.
Anyway, thanks for trying!

In November 2019, our foundation was chosen 2.nd winner of “Afrika! Community award – sponsored by Moneygram” – which was connected with a 250 € purse. We published the news on our facebook profil and explained to use the money to buy delivery room equipment. Almost immediately, a donor gave 50 € in addition. We saved that money and launched the Christmas Fundraising Campaign for Delivery Room Equipment as we wanted to raise as much money as possible until February 2020, when our partnering society Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. would dispatch kind donations from Hamburg to Banjul.

In December 2019, the campaign closed with 688 €. Now our former volunteers Nene and Daniela purchased in Germany for us: an incubator to sterilize surgical instruments, a second hand obstetric forceps, an episiotomy scissor, several ventilation-bags for newborns, a membrane puncturing forceps, and some more consumables.

In April 2020, the vessel holding our stuff in one of its containers reached Banjul Port, finally marking the happy end of a long journey. Here are some pictures:

But what about the desirable ventous caps?

ventous cup

In May 2020, we received the kind donation of a Kiwie cup system, which is in it’s working place ever since October 2020.

**Donate for more delivery room equipment

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