In 2018, the $ 10,000 grant of the US based Kathryn W. Davis Foundation to student Mason Troupe and his Project for Peace allowed the construction of facilities that beamed our clinic to the next level. We added

  • a Laboratory,
  • a Scanning room, and
  • a Midwife office

to only mention the most important improvements.

Mason Troupe’s application to the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation resulted from a conversation with a West African friend on best ways of improving wellfare and political stability by increasing community health care sustainably.

**

Projects for Peace is an initiative for undergraduate students of Davis United World College Scholars Program partner schools to design grassroots projects anywhere in the world which promote peace and address the root causes of conflict among parties. 

**

At commissioning, the new built facility block was named in memory of late Baboucarr Gaye, a brother of clinic’s founder Fatou Gaye who died in the aftermath of an avoidable conflict.