Salam aleikum, I’m Amie Saho, the clinic’s laboratory technician.

Some months ago, I was talking about me dreaming of a binocular microscope to improve our working environment and thus, the quality of analyzes.

German charity Health and Education The Gambia – Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V. launched a ** facebook fundraising campaign ** and raised 403 € to make my dream come true.

Eventually, the microscope arrived mid October 2019, with a laptop, an ocular camera and a stock of microscope slides.

I don’t overvalue the amazing result of the campaign by saying, it is beaming my microscoping to state of the art of laboratory work.

The tests we use to send outside will now be done in our clinic, creating more revenues. Also, the microscope improves our diagnostic results leading to better patient management.

Any time, you are in The Gambia, please come and visit our clinic, and meet me in the Laboratory to see how your donation makes a difference.