German volonteering Gynaecologist Ms. Marion

We happily announce our new staff member Dr. Marion R., a general practitioner and gynaecologist. Marion joined our midwives’ team not one day too early but amidst an ongoing twin birth. She will stay for a couple of months.
Marion came to us for two reasons, first to share freely her skills and knowledge with a community in need. Second to learn from our ways of dealing with patients under challenging circumstances. Thus, both Marion and our clinic give, share and gain knowledge on equal eye level.



Since we were able to acquire an automated blood analyser, we can now offer an even wider range of laboratory testing. Our service now includes blood grouping, malaria tests, urine and liver tests, pregnancy tests, HIV tests, any many more.

For the purchase of that analyser, we got support from a major German publisher and from German based charity “Gesundheit und Bildung Gambia e.V.” – thank you very much indeed for standing with us in making the health service of our country a bit stronger every day.


Children with severly burns

…is heartbreaking to deal with. We were informed of a fire outbreak in a nearby darra which left many boys with burns, some of them even in lifethreatning proportions. Using our ambulance car, we rushed to bring three of them to our clinic. The life of one boy was on the edge. He and 2 more boys are still in our clinic as their wounds need careful attention for a long time. Thanks to a good stock of wounddressing materials, antibiotica and last but not least thanks to our experienced and patient nurses, we are confident to make them feel better soon.


Another new Nanny for our shelter

nanny Fatou

Thanks to the donation of a major German magazine, we are able to cover another nanny’s salary, from this January on. We welcome to our team Ms. Fatou Jobe, a mother of three, living near our Darra.

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